Saturday, May 17, 2008

A brief message

To those of you that has been leaving me messages and e-mails, thanks you guys... these past months I have been pretty busy with my job, some side jobs, a dog that has always been nagging me from dusk till dawn, a cat that has always been nagging my dog, roof that need to be repaired, walls that need to be painted, some books that need to be read, a long list of good music that needs to be listened to, some bills to be paid, a large sum of money to be spent ( ok, this one I lied, lol) , etc...

To squeze a little time updating this blog has been dropped on my priority list and seems impossible at the moment... and for that I am terribly sorry.

But I promise... as soon as I'm through with all of my projects, my dog, my cat, my roof, my wall, my .... well you get the idea.... indiepoppies will be back to bring you all the goodness in music for you to enjoy and you can brag again to your friends at some lame parties about music they never heard before :)

In the meantime ... all I can say now is thank you for supporting indiepoppies.