Saturday, May 17, 2008

A brief message

To those of you that has been leaving me messages and e-mails, thanks you guys... these past months I have been pretty busy with my job, some side jobs, a dog that has always been nagging me from dusk till dawn, a cat that has always been nagging my dog, roof that need to be repaired, walls that need to be painted, some books that need to be read, a long list of good music that needs to be listened to, some bills to be paid, a large sum of money to be spent ( ok, this one I lied, lol) , etc...

To squeze a little time updating this blog has been dropped on my priority list and seems impossible at the moment... and for that I am terribly sorry.

But I promise... as soon as I'm through with all of my projects, my dog, my cat, my roof, my wall, my .... well you get the idea.... indiepoppies will be back to bring you all the goodness in music for you to enjoy and you can brag again to your friends at some lame parties about music they never heard before :)

In the meantime ... all I can say now is thank you for supporting indiepoppies.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Bishops - The Bishops (2007)

1. Menace About Town
2. Breakaway
3. Only Place I Can Look Is Down
4. I Can't Stand It Anymore
5. Life In A Hole
6. Say Hello
7. So High
8. Lies And Indictments/Sun's Going Down
9. Will You Ever Come Back Again
10. Higher Now
11. Back And Forth
12. Travelling Our Way Home
13. In The Night
14. Carousel

Sometimes you feel like you've heard too many records; if you're a late fortysomething like me, any new band sounds like something you've heard before. The Bishops, though, make no apologies for their retro stylings on this excellent debut album. It's a pleasing melange of 60's Freak Beat and Mod stylings, and it's very good, simple as that. I'm glad they're not a cod Merseybeat combo like The Pleasers or something; they sound so retro, they actually sound contemporary, and at least aren't trying to be like Arctic Monkeys, or whatever today's kids listen to. A lot of fun, and well worth your entertainment Euros.]

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The Kooks - Konk (2008)

Genre - Indie Rock / Pop Rock

1. See the Sun
2. Always Where I Need to Be
3. Mr. Maker
4. Do You Wanna
5. Gap
6. Love It All
7. Stormy Weather
8. Sway
9. Shine On
10. Down to the Market
11. One Last Night
12. Tick of Time


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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Datsuns

The Datsuns - The Datsuns

1. Sittin' Pretty
2. MF From Hell
3. Lady
4. Harmonic Generator
5. What Would I Know
6. At Your Touch
7. Fink For The Man
8. In Love
9. You Build Me Up
10. Freeze Sucker

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The Datsuns - Smokes & Mirrors

1. Who Are You Stamping Your Foot For?
2. System Overload
3. Waiting for your Time to Come
4. Stuck Here For Days
5. Maximum Heartbreak
6. All Aboard
7. Such a Pretty Curse
8. Blood Red
9. Emporer's New Clothes
10. Too Little Fire

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YeahYeahYeah - Discography

Fever to Tell
Is Is EP :
Live In Mexico
Live & rare
Bonus Tracks
Live at Coachella
Karen O solo
Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP
Show Your Bones

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Sally Shapiro - 'remix romance vol.1'

Paper Bag Records is pleased to announce the release of Remix Romance, a remix album adapted from Sally Shapiro’s 2007 stellar debut Disco Romance, will be released on April 15th. Dancing on the excitement of her recent nomination for Female Artist of the Year and Dance Album of the Year at the 2008 Plug Awards in New York City, Sally will hit North American shores once again with this very special collection of remixes by an eclectic group of International artists.

Hand-picked by Paper Bag Records and Johan Agebjörn, the artists featured on this record were already serious fans of Disco Romance – and all jumped at the chance to be involved in the project. The idea for a remix record was inspired by Skatebård’s recent remix of ‘He Keeps Me Alive’ – as well as other artists, including Lindstrøm, Holy Fuck, and DFA’s Juan MacLean. Junior Boys were especially interested, producing a characteristically sexy remix of the pop ballad ‘Jackie Jackie.’ Canadian newcomers Woodhands and The Cansecos both integrated live instrumentals into their remixes, resulting in effervescent new interpretations of Sally’s original music.

01 I'll Be by Your Side (Tensnake Remix)
02 I Know You're My Love (Juan Maclean Remix)
03 Find My Soul (Holy Fuck Remix)
04 Anorak Christmas (Woodhands Remix)
05 He Keeps Me Alive (Skatebård Remix)
06 Hold Me So Tight (The Cansecos Remix)
07 Skating in the Moonshine (Jon Brooks Remix)
08 Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Remix)
09 Time to Let Go (Lindstrøm Remix)
10 Sleep in My Arms (Between Interval Remix)


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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Requested: Amber Smith - Introspective (2008)

Track Listing:

01. Introspective
02. 1980
03. Coded
04. Select All / Delete All
05. Brazil
06. Hectic
07. Treading Water
08. Welcome to CIA
09. Simon Says
10. Father
11. My Final Plea


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requested: The Brunettes - Structure and Cosmetics (2008)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lullatone - ‘The Bedtime Beat’

"mini albumnya lullatone bagus juga, 10 lagu dr duo nagoya, japan.. Shawn James Seymour (melodies) sama Yoshimi Tomida (vocals) yang memadukan musik minimalis dengan suara electronica yg manis yg mereka sebut pajama pop... ngingetin indah nya masa kecil dulu hehehe cocok banget buat tidur pagi ini... buat yg suka piana,gutevolk,colleen or maybe deerhoof n architecture in helsinki..." - clapclapclap


"The mini album of Lullatone is pretty good, 10 songs by the duo from Nagoya, Japan...Shawn James Seymour (melodies) and Yoshimi Tomida (vocals) fusing minimalist music and sweet electonica sound that they called "Pajama Pop"... brings back the memories of our childhood heheheh.... if you like piana, gutevolk, colleen or maybe deerhof and arhitecture in helsinki you might like Lullatone as well" - clapclapclap

Genre : Indie/Electronica/Experimental-Pop

.01 – The Bathtime Beat
1.02 – Your Snore
1.03 – The Bedtime Beatbox
1.04 – Make Believe Melody
1.05 – Maborshi Ondo
1.06 – Marching To Sleep
1.07 – Mr Gondry
1.08 – Goodnight Train
1.09 – Make Believe Melody #2
1.10 – Oyasumi

Lullatone are back with their latest conceptual pop masterpiece, 'The Bedtime Beat'. This new 10 song mini-album finds the duo not only further perfecting their blend of self proclaimed pajama pop, but also taking it into new uncharted waters, literally.

The albums opens with the infectious 'Bathtime Beat' which features a drum solo of tapping water in a bathtub! Other interesting sounds to be found on the record include a bed tapped to to sound like a bass drum, snores cut up into hynopticbreathy drum beats, Yoshimi's human beatbox, marching in slippers and a full cast of toy instruments and soft sine tones intricately arranged into tiny little dazzling melodies recorded half at home and half in a music room at a Japanese elementary school.

This is both Lullatone's strangest and most pop album yet and a future classic for sure. So come on everybody let's march to sleep with the new sound of the bedtime beat!


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Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (leaked / 2008)

Cut Copy took their time, but by the end of their promotional campaign for debut album, Bright Like Neon Love, they were firmly positioned as the `80s-flecked quasi-dance group it was cool to groove along to.

It certainly tired them out – they hit the highways of Australia hard and fast, then traversed the world, then came back and started all over again. The fatigue that such a schedule brings is something that they’re keen to avoid the second time around, and as such In Ghost Colours has a near universal release in all the key territories from Australia to Japan to America to Europe…and beyond!

“It all is [a promo thing],” says drummer Mitchell Scott, “but we’re playing live in a bunch of places – starting in Barcelona then to the UK and throughout Europe. These are all live shows – proper sets.”

1. Feel The Love
2. Out There On The Ice
3. Lights And Music
4. We Fight For Diamonds
5. Unforgettable Season
6. Midnight Runner
7. So Haunted
8. Voices In Quartz
9. Hearts On Fire
10. Far Away
11. Silver Thoughts
12. Strangers In The Wind
13. Visions
14. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
15. Eternity One Night Only


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